Kukke Fairs Festivals

Champa Sharsti is the main festival at this place this will celebrated here every year,  from Karthika Bahula Dwadashi ‘ to Margashira Shudha Pournami.   The Lakshadeepostsava is celebrated on the day of Karthika Bahula Amavasye on the four  succeeding days, the chandramandalotsava,   Ashwavahanotsava,  Mayura Vahanothsava and flower chariot Utsava are conduct respectively.   On Panchami (the fifth day) ‘Panchami Rathosava’ is celebrated at night.  On the Shasti day Sri Subramanya Swamy and umamaheshwara come out at an auspicious hour in the morning to  practicipate in the festival.  Sri Subrahmanya  Swamy mounts the ‘Bramharatha’ and God Uma maheshwara the Panchami Ratha .  Then a very  strange occurrence takes.  The Garuda Pakshi (Kite) which  can never be found in this palce on the  place on rest of the days of the year makes its appearance at the time of Ratharohana and again at the time of Avabrath Mahotsava the next day.